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Makers Mark Bourbon 700ml, 40%
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Makers Mark Bourbon

Makers Mark Bourbon 700ml, 40%

Rich and incredibly smooth, with perfumed aromas of sweet vanilla oak and a lovely rich palate with a well rounded finish. Small scale production allows real attention to detail. Wheat used (rye is never used) is top quality and water comes from their own spring. The wheat is rolled rather than hammered as it is kinder to the grain, before being gently cooked. Distilled in an old copper doubler still the spirit is run off at relatively low proof maintaining its body. 8 years ageing in charred oak barrels adds sweet vanilla notes. The whisky is diluted to 43% before bottling. History. It takes a pretty gutsy distiller to sell off his family assets, invent a new whisky recipe and start again from scratch. In 1953, the founder of Maker"s Mark - Bill Samuels Sr. did just that. By 1958, Samuels released his new whisky to an unsuspecting American public and a whole new bourbon category was born - Small Batch Bourbon, handmade in smaller quantities to preserve the quality and authenticity of the distillers product. Back in 1953 Bill decided to sell up and look for a new way to distill the family whisky. He purchased and rebuilt a distillery in the idealistically named Happy Hollow, which was located just outside Loretto, Kentucky.  Bill"s next step was to prove revolutionary: In a ceremonial display, he torched the centuries old family recipe in front of his family and set about crafting a new recipe for the family bourbon using, to begin with, a humble kitchen oven. The cereal grain rye is often noted as the "flavour grain" in bourbon. Under US law bourbon must be distilled from a minimum 51% corn, and traditionally the remainder of the mash bill was a combination of barley and rye. After baking a huge variety of bread from different grains to ascertain the flavour profile he was looking for in his new whisky, Bill settled on using soft red winter wheat in place of rye. He believed the softer and more gentle characteristics of wheat were going to make a fantastic bourbon - smooth, mild and gentle on the palate. In 1958, when the first batch was released to the market, he would be proved right.
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