Kraken Spiced Rum Limited Edition Ceramic Bottle 40%, 700ml
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Kraken Spiced Rum Limited Edition Ceramic Bottle 40%, 700ml

The same delicious spiced Kraken Rum in a beautiful limited edition ceramic bottle! This is a masterpiece – a beautiful, collectible vessel handmade in England by Wade Ceramics, a business that has been crafting fine ceramics for more than 200 years.
Barrels of dark rum drifted from the ship and were renamed ‘The Kraken’ as a tribute to the beasts power and might. The bottle features a large octopus-like cephalopod rising from the deep as if to attack an unsuspecting schooner or galleon. The bottle is designed with dual grab handles, like something a Pirate would sling over his shoulder in a drunken haze.
Most spiced rums require a mixer – they commonly burn when served straight. The Kraken by contrast can be sipped on its own. The Kraken works well with cola, ginger beer or energy drink and can be used in a variety of cocktails.
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