Moa Pale Ale Beer 330ml, 5.5%
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Moa Pale Ale 375ml, 5.5%

Moa Pale Ale Beer 330ml, 5.5%

Moa Pale Ale is a New Zealand take on a popular North American beer style. Using famous Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops, the dominant features in this beer are unique to New Zealand and the Moa bottle conditioned brewing method. Its hoppy strength displays powerful floral, citrus and tropical notes, and like its northern cousins is a beer best enjoyed just below room temperature. AWARDS 2 x Golds - Asia Beer Awards Bronze – Australian Intl. Beer Awards Brewers Pick – Josh B. A. Scott reckons it will be the most popular Moa beer variant…soon REVIEW “The Moa Pale Ale pours a glowing orange with that signature Moa large foamy head. The aroma surprised me, a beautiful grapefruit hops explosion. An aroma like that comes from expensive ingredients and lots of them.” While the intensity of the typical Nelson hop bitterness is well presented in this beer, there are luscious sweet malts and bright passion fruit flavours. Offering a heightened complexity, this exceptional beer displays flinty and mineralistic.
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