Talisker Single Malt 10yr Old 700ml, 45.8%
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Talisker 10 Year Whisky

Talisker Single Malt 10yr Old 700ml, 45.8%

Talisker is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. In many ways, Talisker is a closer cousin to the other Island whiskys (Islay, Orkney), than to it"s mainland brethren. But despite these similarities, it is quite unique from them as well. Color: The color is an area I haven"t paid much attention to before, but it"s a nice golden-brown hue in the tumbler. If it was in a burgundy or wine glass, I may be able to tell you about its legs...but it"s not. Nose: The first nose is pure smoke and a light peat medicine (clean band-aidish) scent. Second and subsequent nosing"s are increasingly richly sweet like a sweet almond biscuit with a little sea-salt banana around the edges. The peaty scent starts fading in the background as the sweetness increases. Palate: Crispy caramel banana sweetness in front with a big kick of pepper dryness in the middle then a peaty top note. This one you can roll around and around your mouth for a long time picking out the different levels. The texture is right in the middle.
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